Friday, August 30, 2013

Setting up an organized homework station at home = successful school year

Parents and students should work together to set-up an organized homework station at home. Homework stations should include all supplies/ materials needed.  Ideally, all supplies should have a home and everything should be labeled.  This gives students a place to complete their homework in an efficient and organized way.  At the end of each homework session, students should clean-up and remember to put back all the supplies they used in the labeled spot.  This will ensure students don't misplace supplies and spend extra time looking for things they need.  

If space is a concern at home, homework stations can be hung on the back of a closet door and a designated spot should be chosen where students complete their homework.  Students will learn where all supplies and assignments are.  Every night, they gather all the materials needed, go to their designated homework spot, complete their homework, and then immediately return all materials back to their original spot at the homework station.  

Students who have desks at home can create an organized homework station right at their desks.  The station above could be used for 1- 2 students.  If you notice in the picture, all of the supplies/ materials are organized and everything has a home.  There is also plenty of open space on the desk where students can work on homework.  Students can even personalize their homework stations to help them really feel like the space is theirs. 

For families who have several children at home, they may want to organize each child's homework and schedule similar to the picture above.  In the picture, there are 4 children and each child has a whiteboard, calendar, and a hook to hang a backpack.  This way helps keep the entire family stay organized and up- to- date with what's going on.  

The most important thing to think about is how you can create an organized homework station that will work for your family.  All families are unique and have to figure out what works best for them to have a successful school year!