Special Moments


This is my championship tour. It all started when I was in a hotel with my dad. We were getting ready for my tournament. My goal was to just have fun, but I didn’t have confidence in myself. So my dad said that I could win! I just had to have confidence in myself. I listened to my dad and went to sleep.
The next day I remembered what my dad said that night, “Believe in yourself.”
I believed and tried my best on the golf course. I got 3 drives 3 chips and
3 putts. The first thing I had to do was drive the highest points I could get was 4. I knew I had to make everything count. So I tried. I got 4 points on the first drive! I could hear the crowd scream. I could feel sweat pour down my face but I knew I had to keep going so I tried. The second drive I got another 4 points the crowd screamed again, but this time I got overconfident and put too much power in my swing, and BAM! I slammed the ball! I was upset! The scorer gave me my score card I looked at it WHAT!? I screamed I got a 4 for the last shot! I was so confused! How could I get 4 if it was such a bad shot! My dad said it was the best out of 3. ”oh,” I said! The next one was a chip. This time I
wouldn’t get overconfident. So I tried. The first shot I got 10 points. I was super happy but I knew
I had to focus. After chipping I got my score card and I got 36 points! Then we went to putting and I got
the first shot in! The second shot was so close! My dad said I should keep my eye on the ball. So I tried. The ball curved I knew that it wouldn’t go in and it didn’t! My dad said that we should get going. The next player was waiting patiently for a while. We gave the score card to the main scorer, he said I should stand there, but he never told me why. Me and my dad waited until everyone gave in their score cards.  


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